The schedule will be posted in mid-January 2020.

Free Friday Afternoon Programming:

Programming on Friday, February 14 is (free to the public) from 2:00-6:00 pm. Memberships are required after 6:00 pm on Friday and throughout the rest of the convention.

Personalize Your Schedule
There is so much to do this year that you may want to download the mobile scheduling app for Grenadine or KonOpas. Instructions are available on Boskone’s Going Mobile page.

Register Today!
Buy your Boskone 57 membership today and don’t miss a moment of fun at this year’s convention. Full weekend memberships as well as day rates are available.

If you have any questions about programming or would like to share your program ideas, please contact our Program Committee at

We look forward to seeing you at Boskone for another great convention!